Friday, July 26, 2013

Brett Fallon's DANCE MOVES Video Challenge powered by

Sign up today at for the

Brett Fallon's DANCE MOVES Video Challenge!!!

We here at want to see your best "Brett Fallon DANCE MOVES"!

1.  Visit  and CLICK "*New Contests" to sign up for the "Brett Fallon DANCE MOVES Challenge".   Be sure to include your email and check the box that says "I am ready to GET IT with my Brett Fallon DANCE MOVES!"   This will instantly enter you in the dance contest.

2.  Get to it!  Record yourself dancing and showing us your best moves.  Remember creativity is always a plus but we want to see your "Brett Fallon DANCE MOVES" so show us what you got "Brett Fallon style".  Brett Fallon himself will be watching and judging all of your funky moves so be sure to give us your all!

3.  Load your video onto youtube and title your video "Brett Fallon Dance Moves Contest by ________ (and type your name here).   

4. Post your video right onto your own private facebook page and tag in "Brett Fallon" or SHARE it onto the Brett Fallon Fan Page!

5.  CAST your votes by getting as many "LIKES" as you can through both Youtube and Facebook!

SCORING will be done by a combination of 2 ways....
Fan scoring will be judged ONLY on the amount of total Youtube and Facebook "LIKES" with Brett Fallon tagged in the post or on the Official Brett Fallon Fan Page.  (Remember "LIKES" not seen by the team cannot and will not be counted.)   This is a big part of your score so keep those "LIKES" up!

Brett Fallon himself will look at all the video finalists to determine the final contestant with the best "Brett Fallon DANCE MOVES"!



* * * PRIZES * * *

1)Your video will be featured on "The Official" Home Page.

2)A personalized, autographed photo of yourself with Brett Fallon.

3)Your choice of an exclusive VIP backstage experience at a Brett Fallon show OR take your place in the spotlight, next to Brett Fallon himself, & perform your dance moves LIVE on stage.

Alright get to it and start dancing! 

and as Brett would say...

"Remember good luck,... and keep on dancin'!"

Have fun Brett Fallon Fans!
-All of us at

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